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Our 48 sheet signs (Billboards) are put together seamlessly to make a dramatic impact, and the sheer size can be seen from a great distance to help advertise your housing development. They can be single sided, or arranged in a V-orientation so that they can be seen from various angles, giving the biggest benefit from passing traffic so are perfect for housing development signage.

Uses and applications

These billboard signs are used to advertise new housing developments, displaying text, graphics and images. They help create brand awareness and inform people of availability, sizes or any other message you need to put across. Due to their scale, they are ideal for positioning in areas further away from customer foot fall and roads as they can be seen from a distance.

Materials used

3mm aluminium composite panels are printed to form the 48 sheet billboard signs. Laminated vinyl (or direct to substrate) and 140mm powder coated aluminium posts are also used to create a professional and attractive finish.

We can use your design if you have one, or, alternatively, you can work with our in-house designers to create something new to advertise your new housing developoment.  Our 48 sheet signs (Billboards) are fitted by our trained installers, with ground conditions and other factors taken into consideration during survey ensuring these large structures adhere to our strict health & safety guidelines.

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