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We can map out and apply to the relevant councils for official directional signs to help save you time and money. These signs are easily recognisable and help direct visitors to your housing development, open day, weekend event of any other area from major roads. Alternatively, we can provide other lamp post mounted directional signage off-site and on-site. As well as the obvious directional benefits this has to your visitors and contractors, these can also get your brand out into the local community to spread the word!

Uses and applications

These way-finding signs are used to direct customers to your housing development site, making it easy for people to find you. With our planning, you can easily direct people from afar, running off major roads.

Having a promotional weekend event?……we can manufacture and fit champagne boards to promote your event which we then remove afterwards. Our in-house design team can help to make these stand out and the design can be relevant to the event.

Materials used

Manufactured from 3mm traffic grade aluminium composite panel with printed, laminated vinyl or photo reflective signs (or direct to substrate).  Alternative directional signage and champagne boards are made from Foamex, aluminium composite of correx depending on their use.

For more information on these products or any other product on our site, simply get in touch with us today.